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FF7 Cloudy Wolf Earrings Sterling Silver

FF7 Cloudy Wolf Earrings Sterling Silver

This is a pair of Cloudy Wolf earrings from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children. These are studs, and are made from genuine 925 sterling silver. They are also oxidised to bring out the details of the Cloudy Wolf.

Custom made and sourced due to popular requests.

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Theres only one thing i can describe about the quality, and thats "Perfect". Shipment time to the U.S was not as long as expected as well which was great. Will order some more 925 silver jewelry again soon.
Tim S rated
My friend ordered these for me and I was amazed by the sheer quality and design of these earings. These things are absolutely amazing. I wear them every day.
Matt B rated
very nice subjects of pure craftsmanship. I wear them too. very cool
Haseo TTOD rated
These are hands down the high quality earrings i own. The craftsmanship is unlike anything ive seen before when looking for replica jewelry. A must have!
Eddie C rated
Love it...absolutely gorgeous. Worth every penny!
dee rated
Came in after just a week and a half. Quality is perfect. looking forward to purchasing from again
Tommy P rated
The earrings of great quality, the pictures don't do it enough justice they look better than displayed. They are smaller than you may think, but it's not a bad thing at all, or too small. They are also shinier than displayed in the pictures. I paid for express shipping, got my tracking number, and it arrived 1 day before the estimate after it shipped.
Cameron H rated
Earrings arrived very quickly! Outstanding quality. Hope they get some more silver earrings of this quality, I'll be purchasing them for sure!
Aaron rated
i just wanna say it in one word AWSOME!! i got them yesterday and i love them they are not too big and not too small just perfect i can reconmand they's too everyone THX importStore
Kay B rated