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FF8 Squalls Necklace Sterling Silver

FF8 Squalls Necklace Sterling Silver

This is a specially custom made Final Fantasy 8 Squall's Griever Necklace, made from genuine pure silver (pendant).

The chain is approximately 23" long, made from metal alloy.

This item is extremely rare and built to last, and it's a great collector's item.

It is also ideal who people who are sensitive to other metals.

Final Fantasy 8 Squall Griever Necklace Pure Silver

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This necklace is amazing. Great quality, nice and heavy, I've had many people recognize it already. Love it!
Sean Mann rated
on 18 Aug 2015
Excellent necklace, got here quick and its perfect.
Psythos rated
this is the best necklace I ever got and i wear it everyday!!!! It will last forever!!!!
Travis rated
Love that thing! Delivered faster than expected. It just looks wonderful and even better than the official one. Unfortunately, the chain is different from the picture... and ugly... But the pendant is just WOW!!! Recommend it!
Frederic rated
The pendant is of good quality but it does not have the traditional engraving of "Sleeping Lion Heart" that I was really hoping for. The chain is very long and clumsy and not very attractive with misaligned links and just is plain awful, will definitly be transfering the pendant to a better chain that will not take away from the beauty of the silver.
Becky rated
Great item, love the actual silver and stainless chain... only problem, bottom slightly bent, hardly noticeable, and the chain link thing broke when i opened it... otherwise strength of chain and silver, great...
Matt rated
Delivered in 1 piece, excellent service. Two thumbs up! This griever made my day. Will definitely recommend this site to more of my friends, thanks!
Alia Alsagoff rated
Since someone has already mentioned that there is no stamp on the back of the pendant, I feel obliged to say that the original sterling silver FFVIII Griever set was released in both a limited boxed set of 10,000 and also separately as the pendant and chain by itself. Regardless of which set the pendant came from, ALL pendants licensed from Square came with the stamp on the back that both marked the pendant as sterling silver AND as a product of Square. What you are purchasing is NOT the official piece and this is why the quality is so completely different. The weight of the official necklace piece is incredibly heavy and NOTHING about it is cheaply made - either in appearance or in actual quality. If you're looking for something that will pass, here's your chance, but if you're looking for the real deal, this isn't it!
Stephen Chang rated
I am aware of the official Squaresoft product and have seen pictures of it, however finding one to purchase is seemingly impossible. I have researched some silver information and also have purchased an official 925 silver griever ring from the SquareEnix website, and i can compare it to the pendant I purchased from here. The shine and overall quality seem to match very well. I'm not sure yet as of if they or one of them are plated with rhodim or nickel, or what if at all, but official 925 sterling silver, by law, must be stamped with a 925 on it somewhere, and this pendant and the ring both do. It may not be an official company release but it seems official quality, even if not exactly the same. I'm also going to replace the chain with a 925 chain in a style closer to the game chain, but I am overall happy with the pendant. It does not seem cheaply made at all, and is quite heavy. Just remember what you are getting is made by an outside source, not the official company and dont expect it to be absolutely flawless. Real silver damages easy, maybe why it caused the bending on some people's products. It also conducts heat and cold very well.
Rachael Strossman rated
The craftmanship is incredible, although the bottom was slightly bent. Got it about a year ago and haven't spent a single day without it since. I had the engravement done afterwards and also bought a stainless steel chain pretty much identical to the one in the game. I'll warmly recommend this product to everyone.
Tuomas Huovila rated