FFX Tidus Necklace Special Edition

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Final Fantasy 10 / X Tidus Necklace, special edition. Material is also reinforced to a stronger material and is much more shapely.

This is our best looking Tidus necklace that we carry in our inventory.

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Size Pendant: 1.2" x 1.5"
Material Reinforced Metal All

Top Reviews

The shipping on the necklace was fast and easy. It came in great condition inside a FFX gift box. I am greatly satisfied with the necklace. This is definately a must have for any Final Fantasy fans out there! Highly recommended.
this is very good for people who love final fantasy. it kinda makes you feel like the main character(just my opinion).
First off, this is a must- have for all FF fans! The necklace is beautifully made and has the Final Fantasy "feeling". When you play a game like FFX, you will probably spend a lot of time doing it. That way, after a while, you get a relationship to the characters and the story, and items like the Tidus necklace gets a meaning to those who play and love the FFX game. In a way the Tidus necklace is an icon that represents your memories about this excellent game, and thus making it a special thing to have.

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