Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Set

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A set of 8 Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts. This is definitely a collector's item. The keyblades can be used as pendants or key chains.

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Size Keyblade Approx: 3"
Material Metal

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If you are not sure, the Keyblades listed are as follows (from left to right): 1. Oathkeeper (given to Sora by Kairi) 2. Oblivion (found in Hollow Bastion near Rikku) 3. Metal Chocobo (defeating Cloud in the Coliseum) 4. Hero's Crest (defeating Hydra in the Coliseum) 5. Lady Luck (found in Wonderland) 6. Sleeping Lion (given by Leon in KHII) 7. Lionheart (defesting Leon and Cloud in the Coliseum) 8. Fairy Harp (get when locking the heart of Neverland)
Very sturdy, won't break. I like to use mine as a necklace.

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