Kingdom Hearts Necklace 2

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This is a necklace from Kingdom Hearts.

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Size Pendant: 1.5" x 1", Chain: 17"
Material Metal

Top Reviews

It was just perfect!worth buying!i am so excited
This necklace is stunning, absolutley beautiful, everywhere i go people ask me about it, and where i got it! even some of my close guy friends noticed it was from kh and looked at me in a different light, they never knew i liked video games, and thought it was pretty kewl! i wear it all the time although i did change the chain to a black leather string to make it into a choker, it is truly a magnificent piece of artwork=]
WOW, ok this is my second time writing a review and i finally received this necklace, the picture does not do this necklace justice what so ever, it is even more beautiful, shiny, and the color is outstanding! i thought that the chain was going to be ugly based on it in the picture, and i was going to just get a leather rope or something, NO WAY the chain is gorgeous, it is shiny, and looks like real sterling silver, i get compliments all the time. The crown on top of the heart looks so shiny, it looks like pure gold, in the picture it looks bronzy and kinda washed out, but all i can say is WOW, great job on this necklace!

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